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We build excellence and trust. It's a package deal

Ortasark is a company of enduring strength and a pioneering spirit.
That pioneering spirit drives us to continually find new and smarter ways to build.
Our construction services have been fine-tuned over a century of building and during
that time have embraced advances in technology that help us build better,
safer and for a lower cost. Our experienced team applies today's technology to proven
building principles. We are early adopters of building technologies like automated
material expediting, electronic safety tracking, on-line collaboration tools and Building
Information Modeling (BIM) all with the goal to deliver better projects in a more efficient
and user-friendly way to our clients. With all of the changes that have occurred
over the last century,one thing at Manhattan has not changed. We are guided by the
timeless values of founder Laurence H. Rooney to build trust through honorable actions.
It is this moral compass that has earned Manhattan the role as trusted building advisor to
so many clients. No matter the delivery method or combination of services that
you choose, we build excellence and trust. It's a package deal